Candy Fiction

Candy Fiction

Dedicated to H. A. D. and the hole: in brood.

Part One. You’re Such A : Retard.

All these contraptions,

The gold, water

Theme, product cited: those “late july” the chocolate variety are exquisite.

And you talk about exquisite eyes; as if they were fashionary like july.

The retard’s art.


Part Two. No, You’re Not.

Once over a black moon,

Can you see it.

Cited, theme product: skittles I think old I think commericals; pj: I meant commercials

What’s the theme: freckles, again?

Cited, theme music: sex and candy marcy’s playground

The grass grows in gold liqui

Spin holes in flag poles

Oh glad!

A squirrel in a blue hammock of wildern us

Theme prude; I mean product, cited: glad sprays, and that scent variety, -ies


Part Three: The Lead Up To:

Art: Stepping Stares To Arrest

{next fictional arte statement : 01.07.17 “Lucky july”

The luck of july

Both a suuum-mer & a winter;

The high peaks piques of ye, uhr

of time.

Theme: cloud’s time

Theme product, cited: a wrinkle in time, madeleine l’engle






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