the next soul pieces and tres trees

{Be you.}{Knight} & [Trees} {Tres Trees}

I don’t give a flying what you think;

Work is work.

It’s done it gets done; and it’s the cited: bezerk by Eminem


The Cliché of Leaves non-Cliché’d through death.

theme: The Knight

cited theme song again and again: marry the night


Ooh, I just got it;

A bird is a leaf;


Sents of lemon along the walk/sign

Door slams and you know you’re done.

Ominous dark curtain clouds

Death: It’s supposed to messy; un-like Life. How do you un-mess it; the hair? Death.

The bird for me s’overs again.



part three. The next soul pieces, number 24

I hope the whole thing showed up in this series number. So, just let me know.


It’s free starting tomorrow until-and for five days; here’s the link; and also a picture of the Look:

citing: Amazon Kindle

cited: amazon dot com on 12217

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