flying in-the: air is like walking on the water

(cited: toad the wet sprocket)

dried up mint


and signs of stick

can you imagine a gigantic

pale green ribbon

around that tree :

and tons! of high jumping {tons of ; and not tons to; an intent, ion; delineation}


and beanies that don’t

keep you warm: what an impossibility

that classi-ic culture(al) of fashion

is gold and I don’t mean in jewels of gold

but I mean ; in the color of gold: in a pigment:

and it comes the Leaf of your puff cigarette[sp?]

church bells: end etchings? of dressed

dogs in benches’ it’s a rickety plane; during knights in pickets she dreams without dreaming cited theme music: coldplay paradise 

theme: the dreamers

theme music citation: marilyn manson sweet dreams

of turning the stinking bare of her insides into all of:  l’aire

I miss perfume! poof poof poof! tenor;

be goner, your new inhalation substance; how sick can we get.

sides to table a prick of football; and I think those Palm trees

that grow that smoke-able also Gold-Leaf are in the cultural: Ean ;

and did u think that: socks are a metaphor { a meta, for?} and not a u for flowers in Ean; socks are … flowers?



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