Sight-seeing “them”

in, : “The New Definition of Retards”

the tap and the and the nose ring’s space on the beak;

I’m not talking about vanity

that’s not what sightseeing them means; it means that you: simply? seethem around; and maybe, not that you run to stalk them, and then stalk them; when yo, u stalk them what you want not happens, they stalk me … me and you, are not the same flower if even you are a becoming flower. the insults of geese.

if you don’t want to make a thud; slow your movement thru discipline

look at the tree flower (tree, flower)

the tap and the suck grab, and he’d almost bitten my dead karma skin off;

you should ban, them? or you should leave them alone unless you’re in their

sanity: I was jumped by a bunch of flowering walking geese, and the difference between you and them; is I’m happier because of it. Shh. But they already know.

it’s where {place} cited, cliche’: plain jane turns to a vivid beauty and “jane” is any gender.

By Tara Scene; those Geese are some Monks.

Why don’t you want to make a thud?

cited music: breath of life florence + the machine 


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