Swim at the: Sink; we

it’s again … —–!;        if you want, you can LEARN how-to swim[


[][]”‘”‘”‘ [][][][][][][][ the tile print  —–++++++——- the basin ?????? the stopper

we’re getting moshed on

that’s what it means when your shoes slurp past the squeeze

how much liquid can your flesh hold

it helps them pretend;

they can swim

Oui’. Retired fe, lings

oui are going to make a muse,um of rhetoric

about trauma; I wonder what you’d include in it {for you} {about yourself} {or another, confidential that you could remember}

perchance saunter wanderer the lust of the stealing never appears through that pronunciation


Give up the last piece of timber I rest on.

cited (theme music: n. furtado spirit indestructible

an advantaged pen-alty versus a privileged reality.

ooh wait, I forgot, when you start to become {more} e-d your hair stops to fall; al, together: your hair stops to fal-l.


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