‘Sea My Diamond’ … the (n)ext, R.A.S.B book on cited: Amazon

by Goura Fotadar                         the date here: 2.16.17 with tomorrow, 2.17.17

{ So basic ad: copy  {description: only with basic facts} {description: elongation, with some fiction copy -mistic} {description, further-non-elongation, with semantical art in this posting (as a question)}



The next; cited: Random Art Saying Book is free starting tomorrow on cited: Amazon Kindle ; for five days,

and free always through cited:  Kindle Unlimited ;\

here’s a link to it {coming below!} :

‘ c- o- m- i- n- g- b- e- l- o- w !  w h ere’

a tree (upside down); (another symbolism) w ! w


this art piece elongated but not for that long is (for) free; and uh,  potentially: its consumer; could (as with other, … ) stem from it.


other notices to contemplate: often new publishings in this series appear …s on a posting for the cited: fictional voluntier project ; but this one specifically includes (more) fiction with art pieces, so it’s being advertised here.

{even if you can’t consume it; work is work, and it’s done! (in this one)}



Announce-me-ot: Semantical Art {what is that},


””””””””””””””””’                       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\


=                    =

[                                                   ‘Sea My Diamond’                                                                       ]


theme:  basic ad copy

theme music citation: borns american money (again)

tag line: but is it fun; because if it’s not fun; it’s not worth trying to understand {it has to be; it has to be; be-be: fun!}


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