get-to fiction; Ri’ Bou-t : I’m so Blonde!

Date: 21917 get-to fiction; Ri’ Bou-t : I’m so Blonde! cited: Legally Blonde(s) the movies

Part Non Suicidality Modeled.  The Par Vat-i

Those things in the bathroom make a woman’s beauty curdle; I swear they had ten years in v-v

and then it was supposed to be done.

theme: curdle

Theme music citation: out of my league fitz and the tantrums

are you actually screaming in the public;

so that people in trouble can’t be heard.


Part Two. The Suicide’s cited: Prayer Request cited: for Menlo Church

Hi, I would like to make

a prayer request for our brothers   and brother incorporates any gender-any being that a-falls unto brother hood like your pet real dog, cat … etc.

home from w,ar; who experienced

Suicide; and also all other

victims of suicide. {v.o.s.}

Amen.  Par-t three. The definition; Victim of Suicide; doesn’t necessarily e-man; death because of due to suicide. But it can. Yeah.

Part four. (Why) Racisme against to real blond/es Fiction to most, more. 2.19.17

Ri’ Bou-t

rite ‘bout  (like the ocean , get it see art, and get it)

rite ‘bout

rite ‘bout


Church Sunday Scribble: It’s a Quilt.

Oh my god these pens don’t work; wait; will

they do. We waint in three sequence of the dated purple.

Hee hee looks exactly like hee. A parallel Tower

turns to a W; and of course. Snot and Wrags;

all that fun Stuff; my ant J says glycerine is bat for you; I’ll give you something torite: bout.

Thank god I can breathe again.

You can defe cate on your-self/body if you can’t get to the toilet; and that’s still not nasty scent;

Nasty scents are considered illegal in this country;

You can not safely or get to the shower; and you still wouldn’t have nasty scent;

Nasty scent have to do with intentional effort a lack of. That’s a zit!

Spray spray.

Wash your bands. When you can.

We’re absolving filth from others nothers.



Others parts; that matter not not

Not that it’s because of;

Its it is wearing a jewelery bandela


And you can’t quit sea into its eyes not it is

Then there’s the potent reflection a catastrophe to nasty scent.

Orange me; here the mirror doesn’t exist; except for superfluous art piece; and that’s not what superfluous means here; it means additional nicety. Hey I could use that superfluous.


Theme: not nasty, again!

Theme music citation: nasty janet Jackson



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