The Fiction of Clam Crime: Oh raziel: Weep like Win is the Same Sane.

two women stalk like clams that taste so good; edifies of their sex lives;

no sex lives in that torture cause; can hardly be is theirs;

they stare and pretend they are my friends:

I have so many; I hardly don’t need any more friends.

they stop in front of four vehicles and one home; as they stare at me; and then I realize at least one is a man,

small in height; and the other is man too heavy like a woman would fall;

but none of them either is going through a gender differentiation process ; so they’re lying an d like not progressing so obvious really from their stares civil rights infractions stares and not normal stairs to climb you to clinks of triumph oh trumpets you are so troubling are you

{this is only fiction! this is only fiction! this is only fiction! ha this is only fiction!

go ahead I’ll just go back to heaven and the deva realms; what a loss.}

staring like that is illegal in this day time age and country; it’s not normal staring; seconds later I am accosted and you wonder why. I just told you it’s  a civil rights violation

Is everything o.k you should ask to avoid committing infraction and to protect your-self aka all that is right and correct.

do you think often about guns and how they enter into all vortex spaces past your mind’s capacity to control ; and do you wonder i they might; kill you; and do you wonder about how it might feel to crumble blood first:

into death; what a life; now you’ve experienced death;

I wonder too, but in a different way about that like how the eyes close and the i’s close and the real I forms it’s like a blew! lispful death one you can’t be without: I can’t be without you death; I mourn not you; with you I am free, death; how lispful

that’s how you should: if you want; dream about guns, big guns; how uncle ha-ha-ha!

They won’t answer; they want to pretend their (own, catches it like a latch) lie; that they are going through gender differentiation the thorough turn twisting of torture that signifies your next gender change


nobody understands what it’s like to be transgender it’s so painful so painful that you wonder how you might survive but you forget forgot there’s no choice to survive; you will a survive; it’s called heaven ; so above. heaven things like survival which although are so important like envelopes


Instead they ask again and again: are you o.k? {so a comparison in ethics and social justice, uh; fiction: everything versus you; not everything is your caused; right. couldn’t be c ould it. nope. no you, yep. you, nope. }

and you say, yeah, are you;

but what does o.k. mean your stoved ones tortured are dead just saved from death of mutilation what a death what a death what death a almost sounds like the one key on a piano that only the sophisticated player could understand how to not mutilate I promise it’s just eht one key it’ll get yo uall the way there; bet you ‘d never believe raziel.


I hope they never get  your cars, and housing;

I hope they never get you r identity;

dar, dar, dar-n darn!


This one has s-t-a-r-s on ground, like irrigation stars, huh. mph.

* [[[[[[[

]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]                       !                1            1                      !

[[[[[[[[[[[[[     )

[[[[[[[[[[[   (

[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ *



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