Title: A Socio-Psycho Solution in Sequence : what a teller!

tags: reality-based fiction

dedicated to jasmine the “reel” one

Fine! I’ll tell you banks are trees, get it; not the other way; but the other way {one way only, signs; get it} can you with your own touch: touch a tree: well then you have the puzzle fix to a what a bank means; and it’s not

moan e

That’s really cool street art : and I’m not dreaming of banks but are you


all nine’s the door?


                                                    8                                                                  8

                                                    8                              999999                      8

                                                    8                             9             9                    8

                                                    8                             9             9                    8




it’s a paradox a

paradox is like a mirror

that’s really blurry that

you have to figure out to Se[a]

the animal is the paradox

it’s another meaning

here of paradox;

and also the definition of

animal – the animal spirit –

i.e. is a paradox

It’s the way to understand anima[s]   ; trees

on the sickness of ‘sick’ vulture: well at least there’s no doubt about where i sat for the next few hours at least

on the sickness of traditional woman -en culture: oh, good; there’s another fat bitch pretending to be smarter than me; we’re in sixth grade, again.

the “grandma” is your animal

male/female or however

“it” identifies;

lately I’ve been seeing a large

sequence of White color vehicles ve, hi, see? les/s ve, hi see? the ev, hi; see? the

ever’ “hi” see, “the  … ” ?

non-breaks in sequi

(fiction, continued 2.23.17)

don’t you miss the

sequoia [sp?] tree[s]

there’s a nice sequence!

some of them something

about : “towels”

I’m wondering

in such sequence

this is deliberate racism;

God! Dad you’re

really smart; you just

captured in real-life

a socio – psycho problems

so that every       with Sight can’t

deny it !

But smears puke; the right smear and can still see sequence



need? noveau pap,er

cigarrettes+tea : toil



arrow down swing to

I sit




or near

it; and

the Sun

dries it.  circle around 3 cited: sarah mc. circle (music citation)

But god; that’s

great : t’I was

able to only under-

stand the

sequence past

seaing it ;

only when I

sequenced in

another sequence.

(self fiction, performanc’ art: goura knows that the solution is you need to start smoking!)


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