gender adaptability

{fiction to post : there’s sun glints in paradise, there’s

moss on the wood panels, that smells so good; a creepy

woman swinging arms pretending on Being ; pulling the

and flashing her male (a strike-through) mail —

how could your  body make You dumber

gray swan is so beauty : thank you!

and that flower is a strange beauty like a bodhisattva coming to Enlightenment

gender adaptability .

perhaps the most beauti fal identite’ with it; and Learn: beady. }

>  }

<     |

<           |      the tower continues, cited: pac-man

new code: play fear! oops, play fear; yes! angel-death.

change movement to fear

keep movement to fear

until death

yes! angel-death

+    ‘

‘ ; ‘ ; ‘ ; dimple seas like sails in the water

these arse – sis  – tic rej ects ; dude, this leather seriously held the water. }

there are cabinets  inside my tea bottle ; and a giant cockroach on my arte, l’arte }




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