Bring Dead

cited theme movie: Bring It On

how I miss cheerleading how predicative, theme: oh my?


it’s cold and windy

it’s cold and windy

it’s cold and windy

[like a chime]

[they foot tap: ] I’m violent I’m violent, less violent I’m violent, less (less violent)

 [ it’s now a violin]

but we’re not human we’re still all friends; se gated


they state, that’s why I don’t like home less people

that’s illegal in the us.

uh, s.

& fictional v. copy; about slither.

I dream about slitting your gutta’s throw

and then I dream about slithering to a weap, I mean a sweep.

I wean a s, weap. But I donna wanna say dream too much; cause I wouldn’t want to take away those dreams; that’s just b e un-slitting.

You always wanna be slitting; only one way to go: slitting.


{& fictional v. copy, more:

(cited use of ritz crackers for this art piece , and star (s) on this green cited: rockstar 

(drink, energy) can ) fuzz me to heaven, x-mas pan }


no thanks, I’ll decide how to bury my real b-d




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