Hi, Pleaser; {Was Rape.}

[rapid fiction stills air to cure?][heir two:]

One day; we can find a way it’s a reason to smile; so smile deem;

we can pray for:

a way to stop rape of those that don’t want to be raped; those that haven’t earned such;

and when we have figured how to stop ; we will have achieved;

we can be happy again, now that we have prayed

against the

graphic horror that is rape. 


where the pretty boys and girls are from really; warm springs.

theme: cure to the payin’

theme music citation: guns n’ roses paradise city 


now it’s absorbed I serve who deserves to bee.

now it’s I serve what is flight cause

now it’s cause know longer [exists].

now it’s what [I am.]

[the no reason “cry” of your false mother’s voice; still called mother? ][we worry? about what comes next. because it’s-has already happened more harmfully.]

but it’s what he wanted

but is what we wanted

and so it sway what you want.

[reason][what you want.]



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