The Life oreality fiction: the pee heals and it’s on-the public bus that … the existence of no loss

[The fiction report, yeh; ]

[in the middle of the journey; a man switched out; with a man in no uniform; and then all of these virtual kids came on after the below; and two accompanying type woman.]


To report anything ever; the spiritual way, in case you don’t have enough time or are tired from reporting [and it’s not your job.] : just say it a-loud and-or hushe it a-loud; and trust me, it’s reported. [and below a piece of fiction news copy-headline: oh How’d I do that’ oh how’d you due that.]





He scoffed at the disabled and more disabled blind person;

clearly identifying person-himself as persecuted by his actual and not fake conditions

he then reached into my personal space [draw it personal space]. and when I said you know you can’t do that;

[ ——————————— ] oh the purse sonal! sp. ace. 











say all that disabled people stink;

he said, why don’t you move, it’s just not the right thing to do insult the actual disabled

I said he doesn’t stink somebody just sprayed perfume [me]

[The Power of Perfume It Works Even Against Odds of Time.]

btw. scented oil is effectively perfume you dumb dummy dumb dummy! If even somebody had pissed themselves [forever] the perfume would overtake any imagined smell you dumb dummy dumb dummy!


[Bake Your Survival Worthy. I prefer the Almond A La Mode Variety How About you How Large is Your slice of ALmond.]

Don’t get on, he’s dangerous. Don’t get on, he’s dangerous. Don’t get on, he’s dangerous. I’m not sure if he’s she’s even a bus driver; or an equivalent qualified. I was thinking about equivalence ions and how much I miss them. Like old friends they magnetize and hang in what was once air; they remind me of ways to see what you can’t otherwise see; they remind me of ways to start; ways to survive and make it worthy. uhm yeah.  

the only way you can actually stink: is by asking for wrong to come to others; and that’s the only way you can actually stink; no other way; the folk doesn’t work like that.

and anyway real pee doesn’t stink you take tiny parts of it and rub it all over your body; and cure yourself of … my real dad told me that again; and again; so I would always know what’s right. I was am very lucky, he told me again; and again; so I would always know what was right.

When I sat alone on the dusty road; like all cliches before my real brothers and my real friends and my real kin came; before that but after that,too; and people were surprised by how popular I was ; and then as usual: we found out that those people weren’t real they were figments of sickness-causations; they were sickness-causations. It was time to trespass over them. Like a quick repeated pump at the gas station and over, again. You know just like [the real ones] my dads and uncles and aunt taught, over again. Till you see what’s real.


she has cancer of the bladder! she has cancer of the bladder! she has cancer of the bladder! she has cancer of the bladder! she has cancer of the bladder! [So they must stink; discrimination is illegal in this country; and speaking up is not the same as discrimination; and not the opposite either; which is that discrimination isn’t just speaking up; that’s how he catches you and before you know it; you can’t even think you’re [I mean it you are a] [you are the] [you are] way out; how do you think faster; listen to my dad; he’ll think for you. You will even see them gesticulating attempting to freeze your thought like a sponge iced past clean; and it’s funny because you have to think: but they can’t think at all. Are you sure; you’re not telling yourself something int he future; and somebody else happened to hear before you. Why?][Maybe it keeps you safer.]

by the way, tea isn’t urine either. and if you want to blame the mentally ill: then, you’re rong. The most gone among them; is not like that; it’s a special type of sensitivity and not a cruelty of laughing at somebody on the bus because he can’t actually see.


he,anothe he says ‘scuse me you have a leaf in your hair; and I say I know don’t you know what new-age therapy is; as a plump woman [his preference] plagiarizes my identity with leaves in her hair; except the leaf is in my hair because I sleep on the ground, outside; and because I am one with the leaf and leaves like it; and that’s why those in her hair aren’t real. shh! those are n’t real; and this isn’t about some woman or man or something’s breasts.

BTW. I don’t find your wife pretty; and it wouldn’t matter except you keep proclaiming to us all that she is how pretty she is. I do however myself pretty; god, she’s beautiful I know about myself; and so I consider your wife my enemy. Non-pretty and unholy ugly are my enemies. And I don’t care what you think; because I always do what’ s right.

theme: unholy enemies like in modern day past unholy terrorism [what’s holy terrorism in oppostion by-the-way]; they may be among you one day? why.

theme music citation: calvin harris & ellie goulding outside


[you must always look past yourself and always do what’s right; if it’s hard and-or scary you must still always do what’s right; and no real harm nothing against yourself will come to you; if you can’t right away because it’s that dangerous [or feels so; feelings are different from desires; they are like more real maybe one-day they can match each other]; well, then just when you can; don’t worry I’ll help you; because later you’ll help me. Or sooner than latter; it’s a self-investment; yeah, that’s how selfish and smelly I AM.]

and then of course he yelled at me publicly after I was off the bus for a very long time; this is after …

Gosh, I’m Tired; but I’m already enlightened. So, there’s no Loss. Big Surprise.

and the worker in this public space; who selected some of them; not all of them; shuts and again opens the door; and again and again; mimicking what I am> again, and again; but of course it’s not what I am; it’s always about what I am; that’s how self-centered I am.

[wait, don’t do that; that’s not what goura is doing now.] [laughs.]


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