Tosh: Horrors in the Public Bathroom; Gable Mommy. Gale Avi and Noe Mommy, too. Bathroom, Daddy.

date: 31217

dedicated to: I love you, Avi.

[the stage snaps of ; 




Part One. In-defatigable mommy. 

Mommy wants to touch your tush.

Mommy will come for you in a minute.

Mommy hasn’t flushed yet.

Mommy isn’t going to flush.

Mommy is having a good time with you in the bathroom; mommy says that’s poo-poo not pee-pee.

Mommy can’t say pee apparently.

Mommy isn’t going to wash your hands.

Mommy says it can sense your tush.


Part Two. Sir you’re not allowed. [The Stupidity of Falsehoods.} 


Sir, you cannot see your daughter into the bathroom.

She’s not allowed in the men’s bathroom;

and you’re not allowed in the girl’s [girls’] bathroom.

[Hold the door open for him. Until she’s done, because she’s so so scared thanks to Gable Mommy.]


Part Three. Dear Avi. [The Blessing It Can Be to Have Noe Mommy.] [No Offense, a Gale Mommy.][I know you won’t be offended.]

At the age of Five, the clouds emitted to me the harm that wouldn’t be mine.

I knew I’d always know what do well enough.

I had found my faith of truth.

I can’t say I was lucky; I can say I’m identified.


Part Four. The Blurry Side.

It tumbles and turns into my flesher

I lover that color on you.


And of course; there’s a white falcon on my holder; the poof of smoke.





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