The Panky of Met, Al. About Mang. The Non-Free Of.

His name is Mang. Duh. 



and not something else; something more fable.

‘Tis not what that means. I spend the focus on Mang; because there is no alter choice.

The ame boredom of means, focus; and choice; only one of them boring, though.

Makes you think of the drum of figers; the lick of it fab. Like the puddingcatz oui don’t like Mang. Does that make you something like Sad. You of course aren’t Mang; unless you used to want to be; before I eradicated choice. Why have it. Nobody ever really knew why.


Walk by the sloven brick parter ; oh oui found another fickle-stopper.

What the rick is she bricking now. Mang attempts to swing his left, no his writhing worm.

and they remind me of the rewinder button that never worked; Mang just didn’t want that;

no memories besides those involving Mang. It told me what I was. All of your memories must have Mang or elsa. The Swiddle of a furrying brow that was never meant for that river.

You know Mang isn’t actually a reader a reed player and mentally ill; Mang never got that far;

he was too much the worm past the parter brick in the crack of a furrow’s Elsa.

It’s a good way a method to understand birds. Like boards; brick and birds and Elsa are all the same; not even

theme: how to become water

theme music citation: Coleman Hell 2 Heads

all you have to do ; is to due to water

you just curve forward and wiggle one shoulder; and now you’ve created water; it’ll form where’s it? no where it’s most needed.


[The Creepy Mang; is The Creep You.]

Remember to call him Mang; and not something else; don’t call him for example: water.

Remember Mang is very happe with his Name: Mang.

Remembr Mang.

Remember Mang when you enter tall buildings, and dream about falling from them before Swim  ] : [ Meets. Remember when you see your own face very very far away when you close your eyes for too long and it’s scary; and Remember Mang; when you can’t remember your braces.

Remember Mang at the time Death; because you get to keep existing; and Mang’s sort of Gone. Gone Mang; and no Bye Mang; Mang isn’t earning of Mang Bye.


No Bangs for Mang. Remember Your Bangs, and Braces, Dam.


Toad and Possum.

cited: The Toadies Possum Kingdom

We told Mang to call me Brown-Black with really brown dots Toad,

and me Black Lox with Dark Brown Dots, Possum.

We told.

Hey Toad! Come here and do the dishes.

He Possum Come here you never cleaned the sink properly.

Our friends cowered under bricks in fear.

What a lovely Toad and Possum we thought. Dishes and sinks now stink more, and it’s not because of Toads and Possums. We had forever collected our evidence for our brother the Cat: Welfare in Fire.

It was A Grating those steely metal fingering cleaners splintering our thumbs to blood that never dripped forth; without pain.

The panky of met,al.


[The Truth of Mang.]

O I peel like a phelander that where in the frot-to


Mang wants us to die! at Mang’s fist for now having a place to keep it.


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