I see white; I notice the ideag; the way to you sea. [The Fiction Petition for You Earned Non-Reformed Non-Progressive Permanents Jail. Earned Prisoners are not You.]

I see white; I notice the ideag; the way to you sea.

I was sitting around fuming on cited: coke‘s eyes

and I saw a paranoid freak approach me curbside;

I drew two diagrams, and used both; then I noticed the art around me.

Art you farther along than you know art you not an actual-l bein’ never earned your own way; and you think money; art that’s y


[Fiction Art Shoot of nothing.]

A cigar-ret-well: what a wisher:


A way to remove danger; not used and not quite a weapon; and near where it could go; but does it belong in a better space. [The razor blade.]


Meditating near but safely enough from moving and-or traffic. What a well-er; right before the attempted arrest fore eating. [this part is not fiction!]


a cig-a-ret slice of pavement; what a view. I see a piece of white.


[poetry about racism]

The razor blade is a sym of suicide not un-restrained pretend self-harm; suicidal 0 ity is not i-legal

A piece of … can be dangerous to you; especially when done actually legally.

A shoot is a growth and not necessarily in “tall” and not a picture of your ugly wife’s ass.
god, she’s gross. Go to Jail!


[Hearts God.]


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