The Shooter: A Coming-of-Age, Snap

My mother was from a very different culture than me.


I missed my origins of family.


She would sit in her car for hours in our small garage with her purse on her-lap.Then she would threaten me legally, before dinner. We were a middle class family, near the ocean; where dad was hardly ever home. Mom’s favorite color is pink.


A gun loaded in that purse. I wondered how many bullets. or if it were the color pink.


After dinner; I did the dishes; and even when Dad was alive. I sat next to her; a chair cushion four feet away. If I forgot; she called me to her. We held hands in the fingertips; like lovers; she told me she needed it because she was raped once. But not by dad.


Another time when I was in the bathroom just gotten off the toilet, I saw her naked; and she had a dick. I was fifteen, and I thought I had locked the door; as she walked toward me, naked. She molested me then to keep me from speaking. I thought about the color pink; more. If I’d been a girl it might have been different. I was as pretty as one; just a little bit less pretty than my own sister; the most beautiful of them-all. When I closed my eyes I was married to her brother. More hand-holding.

I could have become uncontrollable sick. Instead I became the shooter. Her gun in her purse, as we held hands; taught me how to shoot. perfect.\

Now you dream about me: The Shooter.

I know the gun was pink.

cited in shared name: shooter (movie).

My favorite sport is soccer!

theme: try me.

theme music citation: vanilla ice ice baby


I’d sea it in the kitchen in her open purse. A nice note for me with my lunch.


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