The Walk to the Hil.l

written on 32317

dedicated to vietnam’s best!

I used to be not that

stupid; but then I fell in

cited real station: cvs/pharmacy

harm; with a somebody; who toll’d me he was

a person. He had long hair; and wore a coverlet;

that pews dreamt a-louts.



aside, fiction: in mypockets crinkle yellowflowers

for right reaction; you should try such

a ferocity.


back-to, fiction: once I saw presentation on

the thumb-ping of hearts. I imagine

that’s not how he felt whe’ he first

laid me.

[public image] cited  fbi’s site as accessed on 32417
[public image] cited fbi’s site as accessed on 32417
page 1 scheduled stuff; in-this: set

I was five-years old; and it was

write around a stage: birthday;

me-and-one of my pens had just

done a none-illicit dance grammar.

It was very; very good; it made

us inta feather.


I didn’t know he wanted to com – mit non-holy

killing, then. But I really liked some pajamas

he handed me at the end of grammar. For our

stage: birthday; he didn’t give this pen,

anything. So I ripped the pajamas apart ; and

gave one-side to this pen. Then Geeza’

slapped me; and we became.

page 2 scheduled set [this one]

[insert picture of Geez-a]

[draw walk to hill[s]]

theme: walking ducks

theme music citation: pretty girl rock keri hilson

When we walked to-the Hill; I brought this,

and sum of [symbol] of my pens; with me.

We were never married through; and me

and my pens, became whetter tour runners.


Now I carry triplets; three off species

from our many warm sprints. I didn’t

know as my carriage burgeons like

[draw a carriage of flowers]

I admitted that he was a terrorist; I only

know “I’ll” “do” whatever “it takes” with my pens

to protect my carriage’s carried; and all kin to

them; I have a new sniper it’s very sharp

in-the harming target – and now I’m a different

even holy version of terror. I never dreamed

that I with a [uter][us] / [u-ter] would achieve this-level

of greatness; but I dreamed this dream for all of

my pens.

page 3 in this set;

I taught them what my fa-llar had taughts me

before they went weeping.

Aim on what you want to harm.

Consent to your flowering desire to harm

Defend what is cute. Make it your

calling, and you will prosper.

I have never served; a sentence. I believe this

is why. From the uterus at a stage: birthday

to a holy uterus of terrorist.

Also, a leader of pens.

And also, the US helps me.

aside, fiction [contn.] : Like the yellow

flowers that wink

in my pocket; our

dimples smile on


back-to, fiction: But I will always

think for Geea; he was a

giver to-me; many

knights I was so; as he

crawled outside of this pen’s bedroom [at least]

wading for the but; bathroom to regulate.

page 4 in this set 

about c y by me. so obvious




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