Adult Conversations About Death.

thematic emblem: the witch goura [the next one] cited: amazon kindle, the witch goura series

It’s obvious the dress is a casket.

How did I know see this for you.

I must have seen your past death;

and that meant. chimes marriage. [ch. I’m/me-s chs. ch.s.]

How could I knot [I hate? knots; how do you feel about the basic actual knot.] no better. I keeping think about better. It could be sadder. it could be rainier I mean I think that’s that poet; cited; rainer

Personally< I like the strength of nots where I always I prove that I am stronger than all else; except. It’s fun to see what I am at my death of pain. Tug of War. Is a Knot; we.


but of course there’s the mountain the search says; rainier. cited: rainier?

did you want it to be rainy on your: death;

it’s really rainy upon my death; where I never die.

How would you wear you never die.
I think you’d have to be transgender.

Now it hurts; and you never die.

Bummers. are so muh like cds in cars; that are never returned but become free for everybody else and you are else too. How fun.

Hint: I learned about death by becoming and-or being transgender.

[The car-drive.]{Memory: of Home.}

And Hint: It’s a curtain in a flash flood against the pane. Cross-dressing tells you more about; that secret: hint. [So the curtain is drawn; how is drawn not open.]

And Hint: [Is a curtain and … in phenographs of letters]

theme: pane windows; theme music citation (again, applicable): kurt vile pretty pimpin


The Pane of Racisme

like people moving between flowers; if even you are a different colour you still identify your-sel[f] as a people in that colour. So if you want to no longer be people pick a different colour. The opposite of racisme; a pane.


watering the dead. what a size-able disguise, plants flowers, and animals.


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