that soap is godly: f,running mouths.

the pube-scent view is gotta be plural

and it scrapes it form into soap perfume:

i wonder what costs more that at the former department store;

a department is gotta: mean a closet;

one that is artistically contrived: oh! the artistique

to make you learn more; you’ve gotta go back for what you can’t remember

but that soap is more perfume than the sprayer at the department store and it transitions to unisex and also other species;

oh my gosh;

that soap is godly.

deep in your crevices it washes only upon the hand

and deep within your crevices it dry-s only upon the hand;

and soon you’re it: free; and it: with.


What an odd word;


She wiggles in heathrow luggage;

and he bucks to carry the toil;

its a personage of journey;

where the puberty is it a child is the baxon of strength;

and she keeps pretending it’s her puberty.


Make the entire place smell like your smell she quivers on purpose into an unto witch smile.

This are words I forgot to include at sixteen. The dreams of being a poet; were to reality; to be dream-like; Talk shit about the imposter in the words of sixteen’s poetry; to keep the real ones safe.

How odd;

we must replace the she; and the whole place now smells of us.

Ivy, and sap; and quills of lime; and tea and nicotine; and gum and cited: lifesavers,

and of course all of the coconuts in so many forms; we have turned to lotions of wisdom: page.

How odd; at plum-teen; never was.

cited: (the) peter pan




But alas! we’re so teenage; it’s supposed to be a joke. That’s what he can’t get to a n irk; like irks him,

that she can’t make it stink like her, everywhere; for too long anyway;

uhm I think the soap says, God has been declared; with a glare, is not as banger as she had had you envision. You’re right your visions than; have been tainted; but you can just re-taint them to

lights in the stool. How it is lovely. To Watch the ocean.



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