The fictional petition for the essential oils’ ban on strip-clubs.

dedicated to j.k. (the original) & his art

fiction notes: a woman’s fat ass jiggles

in my face;

and I’m

not at a strip club;

[clubs, are metal?]

and-or in the

synapse of a

sexual endeavor;

obesity un-harmful

is just aura damage

to harm ; and

obesity harmful :

is that woman’s

fat ass. I could

die ; or get really

sick from it:


and that’s not a

description of Lust.


What works, my dreams; in my dreams: I dream about jumping off platforms on speeding roads;

like water you keep spinning; I keep spinning till I land in speed; un-noticed. It works.


the machine has a hand pump push

it kicks speed like any other machine

by just moving the first wheel to the second, it moves without a connection between the two.

But the hand pump; a press pad; and first wheel[s] are connected. Fun.

The jumping pad has greenery;

and above is just a different type of water; non-polluting.


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