How we have nothing to do with one-another; A second to that;

How we have nothing to do with one-another;

A second to that;

cited: google dot com, art from yesterday 33117

tag[s]: college fiction is not yet art? , plant fiction


The lampshade people stand together almost at holing hands.  It’s fund  to be together.

He runs me over with his strike; and he dies. It’s odd. The experience of immortal.


Mang wants to run over plants; plants all over not just this world.

Mang says, I’m a bitch; mang: I dream about killing plants.



That’s not a dream. That’s not a dream.


My face is what a plant; it mutilates around the mouth. We are so formed into lampshades; temperate lampshades with strikes of light; and dark; mang must be stealing by just speaking.

Strike out all forms: speech.


[fiction] Theme: deranged forms of dance are still useful; so dance wins [overall] against mang. How odd; an idea-formation alone against; a press-on?

Theme music citation: MstrikeO Kamikaze



Part Forever. It smells so strongly of plant-existings ; that they heave and cough; it’s you they say, and never us. Never means forever.


Part Sometimes. Being a plant that’s that is like being colored. Right; mang grims your mouth, now too.


Poppies win; like a far beauty pageant.


cited: at the library in palo alto [one of]


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