It’s true then; the will works. [fiction to-post: 4117 to 4217]

theme music citation: grimes flesh without blood/life in the vivid dream

theme: I’m so blond-reel; but ‘r’ you.


it goes along with a cigarette’s smoke. or more n’ one. [fiction advertisement]


[page 1]


The Choice of friends is like a knife in a fake heart : and they



Sure; why don’t we just hang him up to dry!

Oh! first of all: the problem [i]s you’re blond. I hate that (pahg) you’re blond. -Brunette.

Shut up! you are so obnoxious.

Put away that dirt. [I’m joining … the …]

Oh I know he’d do this.


Oh you should cut yourself.   {Hmm. new has some rhyme.

The trouble you’ve brought        Maybe I should bee a

your folks.                                       woman ; no me! knot!

you! no; I,

mean that!

with a kn …]


-Brunt: You’re an embarras-sment.

I mean what’dyo gonna tell your

              friends.                                                       –

| Your friends!

[ Some


-Me: Sum Friend.


[page 2]

It’s too much; I need a

doll. No! I’m very beautiful

; I need one that looks

like me; no, I didn’t

want blonde; no, that’s

not why: you can keep

the blonde: become

like her: it’s me

anyway. No, not a

brunette; no my hair

is red; no not a red-head;

that makes me overly

[sexualized] uhm; something

like brown; pick something like

brown: that will work.

Also; the sugar cane should be

candy; don’t you think.


part. II.Lipstick Period.

Thank Go[hg]d. While you were at school. I was able to put on some lipstick.

[Hmm. I’m just curious as to why there is a period there.]





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