L’[H]ostage, Ble. Your Dad isn’t very nice, is he. Is he Hindu. [What Caste.] Existing Undefined. A lesson on math’s basics.

L’[H]ostage, Ble. Your Dad isn’t very nice, is he. Is he Hindu. [What Caste.] Existing Undefined. A lesson on math’s basics.


It was an imaginable horror

The child shot in the chest;

Her blonde locks framing her chest;

The glee of a pervert that would never actual-ly “have her”

Gosh, the `1800s were a long wore ago; woren’t they.


It was one of those caste-system horror glories; the wrong way, though.

Ex cept there was no caste; everyone was White; just plain ol’ white White.


Like all those fences in heaven; where of course there isn’t a caste.

No Hindu rituals of threading and it’s not the eyebrows or the upper brow , referred to.



When he walked out back; for oil; but cooking oil; he was waiting for him.

It’s such a familiar framing of worse; and should it be.

It was in the head; like he had shot himself; and he didn’t want to be his lover.

He didn’t know what lover meant; and he was only fifteen, five years into his life.


H e showed me how it happened.

And she was asleep it’s always awful when woman en are asleep; men don’t understand women sleeping.

Witch men, don’t understand.

He was with his shirt off; twitching his arms and somebody else was shrieking; and


Now’ she’s a man’s wife; you can’t rape her. You can’t take those things from a man, actual.

It’s a horror, unimaginable; you can only see it through the eyes of completed gender; or by belonging to the actual.


The World was just going on on its own; existing on its own; before the Lure entered; and people didn’t like it.

The Lord.

Like Blasphemy; actual people never like real blasphemy; it’s agood test; but actual Blasphemy is harder to understand.


It was too much the un-imaginable horror. They just couldn’t have everything of your, and of you and you. It was too much horror. Shrieks. Shrieks. Shrieks. Shrieks. Shrieks.


So she was


In the side of the head;

Like the little girl did it; his kid.


We call the that the little girl shot in the side: of the head.

It kills and it can kill freeing you from ever [every] being raped; before

Marriage is clearly defined;

Really time changes in each moment;

It didn’t exist;

and now you have definition;

but wait, that means it did exist;

but it wasn’t defined.



Marriage defined has gotta be 7

Existing undefined is negative

Existing defined is zero.

And then there are all the other numbers; so plain so flat so curved like the pin-holes of eyes and noses and mouths; and not like shrieks. The Shrieks. I’ve got the incurable Shrieks. But I know if you steady your eyes; you won’t shriek all-the moments. Just some of the moments. Give your throat rest like syrup. Like a blanket of magic to the shriek; until it comes back. A form of sanity; must be god-awful.


The Horror is Un-Imaginable. [The Beginning of the Tree]

The Oil doesn’t needed the Tree; no sorry; the tree doesn’t need the oil. {I’m in 5th grade again, and I forgot I’m Brahma center; in this problem : the tree makes the oil; or creates it.}

Turning your back to receive anything isn’t clearly defined in this problem; but it is in other problems; take it as a given. {it’s why you need the oil then. It means you actually need it then; or else something else worse is going to happen to you-and them. It means. Death isn’t something worse for you-and them. Hard to imagine.} Make that 1 a null |1| Death isn’t something worse in this problem.


And I

M too tired to go-on.



Part two. The Unisex Unicorn is My Best Friend but that’s not the write Term. [Back.]

You can’t take


Something that gives

You everything;



theme: willowy sanks

theme music citation: insane in the brain cypress hill

Willowy Sanks used to be this willow-e boy; he had no eyes like that character that everybody copies.

Not actual everyone.

Then he cried.

All he does is paint.

What a sore.

That figments unflaring while the best of the alive;

Are sausage;d into your meat.

He doesn’t have any family;

That’s called Luck there.

No, not here, there;

Here, it depends.

[Remember: the explanation is schematic scenario; and only applies if it applies like a signer.  Get it.]


It’s about a house I once went to; or twice? Or once in Berkeley; where you can see infinites away like it’s here through the windows and into the sky. It changes the grass; like a decent legal high.



There’s this furry;

and it imagines, incorrectly;

Harming perfection;

And I say without a blink:

Kill that furry;

For its vanity, its jiggle, its plagiarism;

It’s nothing like

A real furry.

I hate that furry without morse code.

A crows’ caw[s][?] has gotta be a shriek[s].




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