I cough: running buckets build good listen. don’t the leaf not, the water out.

the running buckets of b-lod;

on the cracking rail;

it sniffles like pan’s banter. cited: pan

pah oah pah oah pah oah

dun’t hem; blind gurdle


I went to the bucket stander

ad: he aid it likes it.




{ smoking runs the sniffles to the end; at the end you cliff to a snicker.

cited: snickers and cliff bars;


but the view; gosh that’s a worth.

gosh is like the cooking sam; it’s always you’re friend; but if you change your name to cooking pan’s; well then it’s not.  cited: sam

I dream of mason wells with curbing rain waters; that’s no longer water; no offense water he won’t be offended but liquid that even water can drink. the rim is gusto like all bicycles we’re so foaming on the liquid not leaving out the liquid: water.

Don’t leave him out!

but if you do any longer: he turns to a leaf;

that you can’t catch . like a rite. huh huh huh a rite of leaf: hauh hauh hauh.


now it’s got t be a bout a n


it reminds me of base f ball. cited: baseball F [here] cited.


{on 1.14.17 next fictional art statement: her greed makes people sick; I cough.}

I dig I stick

I banter

I curb I huddle I wimper and I nevery : chrys.

I chrys. and then win.

I dig a stick I run into water; and it turns into a leaf;

and then water is liquid

now when I turn chrys. they don’t win.

it works; so try it that way;

the other way it works; but uh

not that good; beans the hat;

not tha well. means not it works.



thse gurs it was funny; they were up on a stage dedicated to c fu

and they were baring their stom aches;

and ti was funny;

because they kept screaming:

ahg! it hurs ahg! it hurts but they weren’t screaming ahg! it’s (cited:) hearst

you now know in the mailer in excitement.


mucky; my skins is mucky like dirt dirty like much muck. water doesn’t like it?


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