I was going to sue this in non-fction; but the the


theme: harming thoughts

theme music citation: Jamie Foxx [Justin Timberlake, T.I.] , Winner

[above: left-out of last posting on volunteer-acc blog; due to difficulties with that library system’s staff. so here it is in fiction.]

dedicated to my godfather: and the four trilogy. Thanks so much for shaping such a formidable cultural identity; it’s [it-has] carried me thus far; and I’m alright.


finally; it’s not all bad;

the identifier has been destroyed and I’ve cried myself to sleep

the elf coats dust of pollocks in my hair;

and every hare smiles;

we bask in the rite: of she’s nuts and belongs in the nut house; [yea!]

because the guy that has a crush on her is black;

but I say to yea; so does my brother have a crush on me and he’s black;

why does one black trigger mark more than another; [and who is experiencing racism the black guy who has a crush on me, you, or me and my black [brother-s] and brother-s]

and Gosh: golly, in truth no matter how much you  change my blood:

I’m Asian; and that’s got have some meaning when you examining everything @

oh everything through the corporate lens: of race.


{The Counter Trap; You gotta go back, to get what’s yours.}


we sat on the couch; and they told us; one-day you and this brother; are going to learn that that brother and his friends; never made it because they weren’t really from the ghetto;

but there was a ghetto before that we’re not drunk; and we’re not racist; and there are still kills; and kids know what it feels like to open up boxes of cereal; boxes of;

and have their pants pulled down and jumped on the back by groups of men, who don’t live there; of their same race? and even the boys before fifteen:

and I yell no! I really don’t want to be raped.

then why do you live here?


part next; The Definitions continue; mon – suer

my mind spockets dirt; I’m enlightened;

in real fairies; brothers the; are never monsters.

if it’s an un-holy monster; it’s not your brother/ brothers.

holy monsters are non-monsters.



The flower walks.

theme: walking

theme music citation: kanye west/jesus walks … jarhead


[The Soap Pop-Ra]

hey yo; you should have work, theme music; especially for certain periods-pages of work; and that’s the only thing you should have theme music for.


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