gppd go pet pets duck. there’s a theme building; What is blon …

What is blond[e] : the beginning

or so derivations :

going on 14 years [art : draw it] as a



cited: bic [sp?]

blomb-bich [bique]

demonstration of : [for example]

wearing the former clothes

of functional h-less folk.

blomb-bich : bl’ omb -pique

blond[e] om-be-pique –>

fiction-to-post, continued: bl’om-be-pique [draw a peak/pique [emotional pique]]


Look for a blond[e] who is in om [peace] of pique

be => mainstay state: peace

we start with L. [Lord] We next go to God, c —->

end with God, c



A two face particle : spirituality

spirit [ual] [ity]


[two] missing d ‘ —-> one

non-slandering arrow down from “spirit”

knowledge , substance

of one [ as two shrinks

in difference to



theme: shrink                         

theme music citation:

                         Queen of Peace

                         Florence + the Machine


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