In this Synaptic Universe; I’m not Chicano; but I am Asian and female. The New Definition of cited: Shoe gue. The Inebriation of The cited: Middle Passage.

In this Synaptic Universe; I’m not Chicano; but I am Asian and female. The New Definition of cited: Shoe gue. The Inebriation of The cited: Middle Passage.

Tags: death fiction; the new definition of bombshell fiction

Date: 41917



For water that surreal being.

For My True Brotha’    ; Jason Jeremy F. L.  The Jeremiah.  I miss you in [your death]. Hearts Power Hearts Power Hearts Power.



[Enter a caption]
stalkers and plagiarism alerts; we we we are not all func. homeless; but we we are homeless, func.[notice the number][is nt racism][not noticing real numbers is racism][so tertiary]


and of course the public station of shoe repair: temporary wish-nots a new cited: future postings of the cited: fvp; the real athlete’s shoe; by shu, make, her





The true descent of slavery.

We pay while nothing happens;

For those in top guns of charity; cited: top gun

To provide us our basic needs;

While we work their dollar; without keeping it for our shoes.

Mine peel in the torture of his Dole.

I then nailpolish ribbon tape and rubberband them what I can; to save my walks of fate.

He cries for Argentina; and uses my id. To due cited: don’t cry for me argentina, madonna

[oh; those freckles; that sucka; that red curls that slanderous height; he was the beauty of argentina; and we stole him to tibet; cited; tribulations of racial origin; uh huh uh huh. ]

Working for money is no longer; non-crime as announcement; you steal too much.

Can’t you pretend to have smaller feet; it’s the wrong size; we need to pretend to

It’s supposed to be obvious; and if it’s not obvious it won’t razor you because it actually is obvious.


As a refresher; tags: combat technology fiction; where the stuff gets really fun. The real life of devas; de-sanctified.

The bomb is the cited: top gun; like almonds on ice cream; which is  better the ice cream or the almonds;  I don’t know.

Bomb is lclue for kill

Any bomb is kill;

When you interact with a bom-h; you are a killa; even if you don’t kill.

The yellow wire is not the blue wire; the blue wire is not the red wire;

The read wire is not a wire; it’s a tube. Inside the tube is the deva sight like a tub you can walk along; the subway that’s safe. The deva will safe you with you if you walk along the sight; otherwise it’s all up to you with deva raining intellect. Oh rain Oh rain Oh rain Oh rain oh ra-in.

The shell of the bomb is a wallet;

The wallet is a bomb; no but a bomb is a wallet;

Inside the bomb is volitional charge; it charges untouched then it almost dies; staying charged; without barely; dying; the naked form.

The bomb says don’t touch red; cognitive flares don’t touch red; don’t touch red; but touch and you are read.

At the stop light; the yellow no longer exists; the green says move; and the red says don’t touch; otherwise you’ll be read. Do you want to be read; on cited: traffic tickets to learn about the bomb = kill.



Green now equals don’t move.

Don’t move on green.

And the cars to the side; to the front; to the back; all around; don’t move on green; move. They hit you; or somebody else; but first they hit [before you]; don’t move on green; another car [you are in]. yes; the car is not you also; yet or                  .  [the dangler dot] [clues to racism experienced]

The car is a bomb; it’s hit first. Have empathy for the bomb; have empathy for the way the kill, feels.

Once you’ve caught them: hahahaha; once they move on green;

You squeeze yourself out of the bomb and-or with bomb; don’t worry about the bomb if you leave it behind; it’ll be fine; it’s kill.

If they don’t move on green; they’re like you in that scenario; they are the bomb the kill. [until they move with it or without . bits] where would be we. ou;] ]

Read Yellow Green; Nobody moves until a bomb is hit. Then you move on Red Yellow Green; Even Blue or Purple you move; Only one bomb has to be hit; to move; move in between Red Yellow Green; Even Blue or Purple. [in between: Blue or Purple: hit me!]


We can’t ask for new shoes; and-or sustainable shoes; that actually fit us; that’we’eve already worked off; because they threaten us with bombs; bomb us; wherever we are; oh how’s work; why do you do that why do you that; work for free; that’s not work.

cited: The Opportunity Center, and all local welfare distributors; in the sj, p.a., e.p.a, m./p. areas. Bah me; it’s california; b-ray area.

Call the cops! But the real cops are bombed shoe-less. [boo? too. rather]

Of course the obvious; if you really want to dissolve a bomb; use cited: shoe gue; but if you want to know a bomb; use the cited: shoe gue, later. We have actual use for a bomb; says bombs; the prettiest of them fall; different; so says the criminology pattern of the cited: Opportunity Center charity providers and et al.


Oh wouldn’t this be nice for at least the real homeless ballerinas:

work-out in those shoes

cited: shoe goo [the real spelling?] & walmartdotcom as accessed on 41917






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