Scream nature: shoe debacle. The Athlete.

Scream nature: shoe debacle.

The shoe debacle;

I ws at a debate for friendship;

All our pourers were waging par;

We cried; no we littered parts of our shoes torn to bits;

The laces fine wine ripping into purple and white droplets; at least not blood;

We tried.

They wondered why ? can’t you just buy new shoes.

Well I’m a women, a woman and I wear a size fourteen; I mean eleven in men’s

For issues like that.

{The Issue of Elephant Trunk Past Hip-stare, Pedagogy.]

Well I’m a women, a woman; and I’m sorry I can’t wear much smaller than a size 7; I really can’t fit into a size five. I’m sorry?

How odd! They laughed in their no feet.

We can fit into any size shoe.




Giv e Us Shoe. We can fit into any.


and anyway: in the snob’s hance: it’s not like expensive leather and suede can rilly rip;

cited: Rilla of Ingelside – Anne of Green Gables Series; L.M. Montgomery


I mean if you know what ex pensive e-lather and de, sue means.

Do you dream of enamel and toil the texture of elephant trunks; and the view of the creams beneath;

That’s how shoes are made; it’s a fun sign to see them seat themselves like babies without diapers;

Why when we can just poo on you;

Turn to shoe! Poo; no that’s bad magic; it would smell really bad; and-or herby on the land-fall? Into the scream of nature.



When white clouds are like shoes.


theme: gum

theme music citation: marina & the diamonds bubblegum bitch


Part II. A Coming of Age-Story.  The Athlete.

The athlete. [At the front desk.]

cited: yoga

cited: storycorpsu [past experience in volunteer work]

When I was young. Well I was never really young. No, really I can remember being really old. I don’t know maybe it’s the yoga. You think it works that well. I guess. When I was old no young; I mean before I started yoga; I never liked playing sports. I sat on the couch; and my grandma would watch those old phillipino shoes. Then all of a sudden it started to smell bad. Do you think she died. Sometimes people smell bad when they die. Well she could still speak. I mean talk she could still talk. So I got up and started doing the dishes. It’s funny. I was doing the dishes everyday for well longer than I can remember. I started doing some investigating and no-one was eating; I was hungry; and there was no food. I was … where are the dishes coming from. These weren’t small dishes; big pots and pans; like metal like what belongs in a car; like in an engine. I don’t know I was washing car parts. So ||listen||. The students keep interrupting us. I joined a gym; and started lifting weights. The people near me would pass out. Well, they’re not going to let you finish your story. Well, I’m gonna finish, anyway. That’s how I came to yoga. Now when I wash dishes I forget what I’m doing. I have to remind myself that I’m washing dishes. Well, [laugh] not car parts.  … and we have food. [laugh]

That’s how I came to become the athlete. That’s it; that’s the whole story. Now ! ! run ! !


Part IIa.

< Do you think she died.>

< Sometimes people smell bad when they die.>

< The students keep interrupting us.>

? Well

< They’re not going to let you finish your story.>

–Mimicry: Well


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