The flowers

fiction to post: 5517

tags: combat + spiritual + flower fiction [s]?

+ death fiction


It’s  not fear that gives you bad karma;

it’s how  you react: to fear:

(1) in your mind;

(2) in action.



In the case of fear; your reaction to

fear [in mind] is much < important; what is

important is (2) your action to the fear.

When you are brave even while experiencing

fear: you might: Don’t go into that room! ;

you might still go

in because the fear has

overtaken the growing bravery; but fear

is still a flower: and so when in that room:

when you are shot to your death; you will survive

past death. Pssh. Pssh. perhaps as a ghost. Perhaps

bravery and fear are like two very

close siblings; and bravery is just slightly

younger. In any case; they obviously

work very V well together; a chemistry like sibling

mix. The flowers brave & fear.


In the (3) part ; you learn

by questioning yourself

that: who ;

told you to not go

into that room! that

they: who are visor than you; and even

when shot to your death; even not; fear

though is a strange [star gen. theme; theme music citation [again]: Macy Gray I try]

power you have;

like an internal un-breakable but transformable

alarm. & even alarm clock. Ow! that hurt. Then

you listen to whoever that is ; from that time

on; but you also go back in scene already

completed where you didn’t listen to it;

back to its geography in the room: heading

the alarm; and this time you smell bravery

to clock them first even to their death;

witch is [not] ghostly like yours  ? So both happened;

and this means: you’re a ghost? Is that

flower – able.



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