How do you get Credit

I ws thinking about this person;

and all his purses; the lips pursed of course; and the wallets made;

ad: I wanted to point out his good looks; they were so conventional in our tradition; and that’s what in his case made them important to us; his looks were like purses too

I wanted to know if he was ever going to get credit for his speed;

for all of the work he did off the market; the good news is he got the right credit for most of his work on the market; I wanted to know if he were ever going to be married; and happily; if he were going to have children; I was thinking about global security; and how important his role in that was in our generation; and it was mostly off the market; I knew the others who knew it and were in the market; in that way; were gone to a transformed way of existence. But we saw them; it’s called grief; the real way.

I’m thinking there aren’t enough planes in the sky and not enough people shot out of surveillance vids. That’s what I’m thinking in terms of global plasma sight security; what is.


It was a l ot to figure out; and I was only five; so I applied what I knew I knew she always wanted the purses my dad had gotten for me the adventure of clasps; and not claps; I knew from my other dad and from later fiction that that were a designated STD‘s name; and I knew I was never going to get one; because my other other dad told me. They were so worried about who which one of us was gay; and of course I was the gay-est. of them all; through claps and no gasps. I wondered when purses fluttered and clasps stuck; did it void the clap and not the other clap; if we tested long enough for STDs he’d get the credit off the market; and I’d latch on like a clasp’s closure; tis was funny; tis was like art. And of course me and my dads were to: regal too royal to consider AIDs a STD; contrary to “popular” focused on who is really gay; culture. Does it matter; the clasp; the bet, question is can you make it matter for Credit.


a shoe is like a purse;

the beauty is in the advancing of what was one beautiful but wasn’t finished yet; not fully grown; they stole from its future; and then of course it got there later; more defined

that’s what I’d wish for my brother;

instead of being stolen at the same time; if there was not choice against the prevention of steal.

Sometimes it has the right clasp and there it teaches you about jewelry; and if not; it teaches you about mirrors and both.

It’s nice and suede [but is it] looking something you’d want close to your neck; and are you sure then suede started in slaughter; or blossomed in slaughter; why would you want it close to your neck, then:

cited: tradesy dot com; as accessed on 5617

That Shoe Brother [draw]





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