The Leaf Pierce

fiction to post: on 5.16.17

tags: sky fiction

He knows who she is;

she follows him

around like

a hoax-oven;

yes, that’s

what that

means :

she’s making

him carry is

hot splashes;

through un-warranting

injections ; that blond

kid thought that was exciting.

theme: sky rods

theme movie citation: sky high

nex as —> part two.


He is not he.

tags: invention fiction

I was so angry. he stole the t.f.

I had made, too. The initial invention had

already been made. I used scent to

syntax the new flavor; and wanted

to give … it to him, myself. But instead

he found at a store. Pooh-hooh

cited: Winnie the Pooh

& cited: Bubblemint Orbit [gum]


Part 3. Gum as Identity Card.

cited: orbit gum and pen’s ink
cited: orbit gum

See photograph. The package is really

a mini-library; each part a book in

the same series; that’s advancement.




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