tags: holocaust fiction; child’s fiction

 part one. We sat out there more like

stood; it was not cold but gray and

muggy; I wanted to stay and perceive;

the drink; they said it’s illegal

to bee a outside;

we said it’s not the cited:

Holocaust; they couldn’t pretend;

so they chose not to hear.

{Draw a bee}{again}

{Draw outside}

{Draw gray un-cold

& muggy} {again}

part two |


The Gender Confusion.

tags: gender fiction; fictional art series

She has a uterus.

[Act like it’s a real miracle.] I have

a uterus.

She does.

I can show you; it’s on my back.

No, who told you that; we’re a straight couple.

But at our school straight means that you don’t

touch each other even in a romantic couple; and

not that.  [let me help you here: ;]

We don’t ; so , what’s your problem.


She also had breasts.

I do on my lums.

Her bras give her a blot of o’rivels a lot of problems there Bear.

No, [Hand gesticulating] ; I thought you may

talk to; grown speak two; the girls at your

school; do they have; riot be; problems with

their trust funds.

Oh, I don’t know.

Theme: Gray

Theme Movie Citation: Catch and Release / Jennifer Garner


You are [a] good goose … geese                  [sing]

That’s good form; perfect form

You are good ballerinas

even if you are boys.


part three. But I have to get to the Be’ach[e].

Ocean Ballet with The Geese; The Dead Experience

from the movie citation: Is “Gray” really dead;

I mean how did all of this all of it happen; without her noticing;

was she the first partner and then re-born a woman; girl; at approximately the same age;

and is the ocean in the background; the water; the real ballet each floating link ; uhm something like a wave; a unified or soon to be performer; maybe we’re really watching a ballet.

theme: Ballet

theme Music Citations: The Strumbellas Spirits & The Cranberries Zombie [again][again]

the cloud is a frame I think to cool you off or something hand.

will it transfer to the grass; i don’t know.

and to the head; and then to the [water]. will it frame cloud?



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