Moxy Pull: Gender Also Shown in The Aura.

fiction aside: It doesn’t matter what “they” tell you.

date: 51817

tag[s]: the fiction of illiteracy, safety fiction

Pretending to read while not

being able to; in that language

[ …….] matrix;

is a dangerous felony; and

that is not spreading “shame,”

but rightful thought about

illiteracy; it’s the first step to

actual reading; which of course is

psychic phenomena; and that’s

disturbing; … and it doesn’t

matter what “they” tell you: I’m smart-a than

all “they” s.


Part two. Moxy Pull: Gender Also Shown in The Aura

I was thinking about;

cited m & m ‘s tm or r

and how you could always see

hymn in a fancy child’s almost

frilly pink dress it wood have

those velvet brown flowers on its

lace front; and perhaps the lace +

polyester ; poly / ester gosh we

miss greenery ; Miss Greenery –

could be felt like a pen or

something on paper ; and of course

he never wore that dress ; not

too short it was ; instead it just

became part of his grown aura ;

and is that called transgender



Part Three : Bed, your spastic is getting flares.

I like those pants. Love, The Dogg, i.e.


theme: the bed

theme music citation: ed sheeran shape of you


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