From “The New Definition of Retards”


Look at the sin on that “B”‘s face;

if you don’t want to say that; well, then:

don’t say it has a .


The leaf breaks in paths that you can pull apart without;

guiding it;

in pain.

It’s gone it’s its spirit is ; tho wear; a new definition not of;


from. now you know how to travel up that tree;

and hope: you’re an animal

cited: product

other; the vie gets scare

the usual stack pull forner

stam; no stammer that

re-inflects the usual?

bat sour; squirrels mount

fences and the for fun stare

too; but this stair of planes

reflecting is different.

[non-fiction; almost; and uh so still, is fiction]the art notes box; smashed into new form: is an opening.





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