the nest sign sing.

and wouldn’t we all cope he’d down and die; in a quick snap plot; imagine the drawing on an axis it would be; it would belike cited marvel. Imagine! cited: Imagine [commercials?]


include this line: [s]



ooh aa ooh aa ooh aa ack ooh aa ooh ah ah ooh ooh ah ah ack [ah-kah…]

cited: from below but it looks like spinthrift and the cited: dictionary says: spendthrift

; that of course is another whole word with the opposite meaning? how would you.

theme: cope

theme music citation: Colin Stetson, “Spindrift” [npr. org music]

part two.  Feature cited: feature



that c-style working clothes: then Before


she learned to wear those brown working skirts;

from copying him;

instead of hangy and baggy;

the: were long and loose but instead of grabbing with a belt

they grabbed with a waist:

cited: marshalls [clothing and such]

she never we were almost sure had a *

so I decided when I got a *

or something like it

a * + …

I’d do the same copy his style I’d learned a different version of it the predecessor to the baggy pant in a different color from some-Body then before.



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