The Story of Revenge :

Part Two.. . No you don’t need yourself; you have yourself.

Part Three. I’m twelve. no you’re twelve. My God! [joking] your choices take you all the way.


Part Four. sky I’m looking for hemp for problematic fees.

Part one. no advice help.


. part four

started again;


I think the problem or

rather the reason it happened;

was because we: he and I

just hated her/or him

so much. I mean once when I

was starting actually I never

really stopped writing stories; but

I did stop writing them sort of;

once when I was writing stories


I made up I had a crush on him;

and it was atrocious; the story

was short and more of an interactional

summary; and of course he was

my original cousin and we looked

nearly a lot; the same; and

any adult would with some salt

have known that; and later I read

her/him the story; and the supposed

adult thought it magnifue that I

could have a crush on my original

cousin; too unsalted to comprehend

that I had staged that; to test

him/her. The cousin then married him/her

in another body; and

things were poor-posed; but

the completion of what will become

right was. Of course we forgot we

were cousins though I was now dating

him/her, too; both of us to that

him/her; out of revenge; and we knew

we were related, again.


part five. The Back Seat is also an Eavesdropped Phone.

O.K. I didn’t realize you were listening to our conversation;

You know, we’re not White.

O.K. I realize that we’re not White but 00000 is.

Wait. I like this song; can you turn it up.


I turned up the music. Now, you know, race is not a funny issue.


O.K. I know that it’s not a funny issue.

What about 00000.

O.K. 00000 race is not a funny issue.



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