Fiction to: reed

I imagine about playing that thing;

it’s god awful isn’t it

why can’t the functioning homeless people have story spaces;

that’s not fiction is it.

I wonder about that so many times;

like why’d all the h-less people cat get stolen from;

ista that y; they became homeless in the first place;

how come nearly everyone else

has a safe place to stay;

it’s not safe to consider;

how much do they get their safe place to stay and work from;

and how much do the homeless people get.

Why is that sway;

I mean I earn nearly every home and space in the place;

and they keep freeing me; up.

oh it says it’s a plant;

and I mean I worker harder than anybody ever;

and how come they those that don’t work get to keep stealing.

Maybe you don’t believe me;

and that’s the prick shin dance.

Oh all the ray of siva; and all the guile of par to be;

and ll the kill of la-al meet.

u blunder why that they don’t steed those packs of braking loads;

it’s because there’s nowayre to store them; that won’t get wilt em stolen.

Awk you only hand out somebody’s earning to charity; so you can steal lit later;

that’s what un-approved means.

numbers and stand-bys.





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