wragen sal dirt wrags aren’t

f art statement: cited: bublicious

it’s a B
shown turned over around with strawberries
as drawn the glad oh art
a reminder of the culture of women that are something
like men;
from a place
the ship near strawberries
and he’s gone to the cosmic plot of cited: h. finn
and that;


when you see the ball;
what do you do?
grab it like it’s your friend.
the metaphoric grab
when it comes near you
what do you do ?
bounce like you’re a kitten
when you get scared of it or something near it
what do you ?
and run faster than
and ths’ all you need to know;
oh don’t forget to curve the swing of your leg
and flutter your elbow like you’re a bird your, a bird no not that ficker
and don’t forget to listen for a beat at least one


dance notes, too.


and also for the subsuers the men in my reality aren’t your dirt rags.
theme: rags
theme music citation: rag n bone: human


marriage proposal? one’s weak and the other is weaker


on each gum’s wrapper is what I consider to be also tattoo art. how seen. ‘c’ no scene.

you forced him to be agirl for three years as a child; he’s not trans; and that means you forced him to be a girl for three years. me, I know what that eans.


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