the fruit has gotta to be the expression

yesterday was hell
my that’s that’s friend came over
and tried to retroactively defunct us;
I don’t know make us miserable
cited: les miserables

I stared at the for really hard and made this this do it to, too
and I spent a lot of time swearing in my head to them
while this this answered questions for both of us

I was unable to communicate past swearing
I thought I might beat them to death
if I moved
so we pressed really hard down with our toes
in our socks
fortunately we were both wearing socks
like ballerinas
no the press down
F! u F! u
press down


he was drinking my milk;
so I stopped eating cereal altogether for a while;
I mean he had starved billions of peoples;
and I couldn’t just stand around and smile as he drank my milk at breakfast time;
so since those years gone; I’ve finally been able to eat milkless cereal;
and drink milk othrwise.
and, they tried to talk to me!
it ws non-standard; and this is where standard is the only acceptable.



from, “the wave”

swimming in december [agin] the rian in the o’pol
practice’n non-fiction from the wave


from the wave
you wash the potas aspans too
I usually use those for the the g-ups
and hope the fall flat and die
no not on their face[s];
and uhm I never said they. here. I mean I never said they here.


part III.

I knew they were unclown bonkers

when they approached us on the sack

and tried to grab that.

We purveyed on the shoulders of our birds

and preyed back without really moving so much.

They grappled past morbid harm;

that they hadn’t ever done anything wrong;

and that they were the ballerinas of our memories past.

That’s how we knew it was of our own, memories past.

swimming anyhow despite the speed is so much like ballet.

In ballet you have the pulley and lull of a man like woman; and a woman like man.

the strength of motor vehicles without the speed; it’s billed in the pulley’s lull

lull pulley lull and now pulley, are you a real athete; did you hear the now before-hand.

lull and now pulley lull and now pulley lull and pulley lull and now pulley.


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