I love christmas treex

the b,lew soliloquy

dedicated to s.t. or b.h. or little ebb

how do you spell that

what are go-carts and art they cited go-karts, too

are they circular vehicles on the beach

boys in dresses that don’t belong

except thel exceptionaathleticism exceptional I meant; is there a skpping alliteration

it never came to earrings but those are for boys, too.

is it in every child’s hood;

I imagine it lavender and not read.

there’s a difference.

there’s the observation; all the observation .. .

there are hard scrubs on the cars; and also the thickness of go e pasta it the days of warm weak|ends and the loss: brotherhood back at school with the non

b, rothas cited roth … i

in read dresses like fences and christmas treex

and don’t forget the pink hit will be there.

We’ll be there.

theme: blew soli

theme music citation: Kingspade Drunk in Da Club



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