Fun, NY.

brain damage;
I know I can recover it;
and it’s strange to know that;
I guess as young as blondes are in the spools
and it’s cold hut here.
It reminds me of venues of dog racing;
do yuo know if that exists.

In different b/g



look we stade it now; and with just xy mind guiding you and you and on your own
the rest of them grew up to be child nappers and not naps and yes knaps that’s hardly a rent.

you know some of the time; not all of the time; when is it essential; like an oil; to say child ……………………or however; is like “bad energy” or something

f art statement: You know; I find it; I don’t know; very odd; that they laugh. Like what’s so funny. Fun, NY.

fiction to continue; to post:
back/ward : the ward;
and the drying situation is getting bogus.
I don’t want to be involved.

With the dryer[s]



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