Lemons chocolate x,x

I know that I have to go home and croak out a walk for a long time;

or else the dogs are going to get me;  and that’s a bit of a joke about the dogs;

I mean the dogs could get you, you know that, though.

They could get just about anybody;

you know that too, though.

I’m not going to say; what is it that you don’t know.

When I croak out a walk; I don’t want to think about it ; the movement or the pain of the movement; I just want to croak it out; and that’s it.

Hahah. It gives a new meaning to croak.

I also don’t want to think about;

how long it’s going to last; because I know it’s going to end;

and then the next segment is gonna come; and that’s you moving into the moo.

Even when she sasses to your throw; it still works well enough to play; it’s now a splotch throw of slice. I love lemons. As much as chocolate.


I learned it in my old neigh;

the back-up and the ankle point down and where are the hands. A way to rest as you barely walk.



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