the spare lung : needed kind

pry into the globe

it’s so tiny


and it’s so angle

and instead of spinning it’s stuck stable.

Flat panel is one way to sigh.

in the path crevices of panel are angles too they form into twine that doesn’t whine when you rub it;

and it’s another flat panel.

the bottom doesn’t borough it’s as if it’s not there almost.


in te; news I’m missing;

and in te next news; on the same panel; is the same time;

I’m not missing but just not doing my job.

People don’t actually lose their jobs that way.

By losing their minds.

maybe he’s dead. maybe he’s undercover.

how does fiction make sense. in-non-fiction; it’s just another way to think;

all ways to think shiny grasses without too much rain;

are information.


twine and don’t whine

in flat panels and the view is all ways

but; never sin.

good, sin is not flowering: a way.



heals in all types of ways;

all of them are needed;




oops in the other color b/g too:




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