morbid place : you get an actual F in military performance: fire him, my brother is dead; and I’m the richest person in the world.

the world is a much darker more morbid place people know


can’t you just think of the opposite also.


Look who I caught stalking me all over the place; and threatening me with an arrest if  I don’t approve the stealing of my own stuff by them again; and also the stealing of other people’s stuff


Why is this not posted in non-fiction?






the white vehicles just won’t stop


I sleep right near that bush outside of the park; but the local authorities just won’t leave me alone no matter how many hours a day I work; they literally stalk me with others on every street front; and have forbidden me from filing reports. IMG_20170620_095406[1]


as you can see the whole debacle started way too early in the morning; and yesterday was a usual approximate 12 to fifteen hour day for me;


the new fallen shrubbery; I’m going to call the cops if you say we can’t steal your stuff say the authorities; pulling out a holocaustic walkie-talkie to the false police officers arresting me; but I’m not in jail; I guess I might not actually be committing crime: go figure!



the plants as the: used; to be: tall and shady; good idea: in the heat! chop down all shrubbery; especially then? certainly people that don’t understand plants shouldn’t be near them.



park your vehicles like we’re in prison; and then where-wear your prison attire and pretend it’s normal: “hey you talk to him; as we steal your stuff!”


It’s so early I’m so tired; but since the fake cops can’t do a single thing: i’ve got to do their job without any weapons and without a warrant: what retards of non-intellect: go to non-reformed prison, a.s.a.p.

cited: caltrain follows me where-ever I go along with the cited: city of menlo park white trucks and cops et al like the accord like all the way to cited: sunnyvale; here I’ve caught them in the incompetence of their non-fortitude; last time: they nearly raped four of us in the middle of the night; as the fake cops shook their heads under no oath; and tripping over their own feet


below she follows me four streets and then to a library nearly forty minutes away on the bus; boom to me? here she is again. but wait she has a baby; and like I’m only carrying her load paying all their bills to keep them away from me. If you want smell her and his stench so bad; invite them over; just not to my property.


“no!” they yell; this isn’t an estate: “it’s the park: and we can chop off your heads, as you work to pay for our food; that’s justice call the cops call the cops, ” they spit on my face.

more white trucks;

wait it’s not over more dumb b’s exiting white vehicles and all of them look so much like me; hey let’s all pretend we’re the same person: me!

seriously, it’s time to kill legally the fake cops and all mal-performing and fake authorities.

I’m just a civilian that’s never committed crime.

Wait she’s attempting to pose as a homeless woman on a bench and not undercover but instead as taking away your real cover:



wait; at this exact time as I walk in this area in a total of 3 second dash [run run run if you don’t want to get stomped by all the housed people living off of your work and identity with no manners like even if you don’t run; squittle like a run past but picture them first; they give up consent as soon as they commit crime b.t.w. ] : this guy needs to paint the ceiling; and is it white paint


some instructions or more like captions are below and some are above;

look at the “weapons” that get chainsawingly close to my head all night long; as if I live in shelter?


wait; more men in prison shirts not comprehending that they are under non-reformed arrest; and like not my superiors in any way. Oh God!

When you see the actual homeless; if they say no to identity theft; stalk and kill them; and talk about it as the fake cops laugh; except this isn’t high school; and that wasn’t my experience there anyhow. Maybe yours not mine, though. A filler to keep you from committing crime; time for that has clearly passed; no past; no passed. Crime-Over is Gone Forever. No they’re just never reformed. and the others are militia: or reformed, reforming. Re-form, uh. uh. uh you don’t get it do you.

Wait; weight catch the hoe-down: that could also slaughter you as you blink; and trust me these guys several of them hiding from the camera; are the type that that wouldn’t wouldn’t ; trust me; are we seeing the past of hate crime already committed by same them. Can they travel through time like god al-might. Oh bummer we must have used your musty aptitude.


and pretend you’re tired; as I walk fifty miles a day; perform security everywhere while men and women in suits threaten me if I don’t get their job done fast enough and cash my checks; and of course do all the heavy lifting. Two hours of work or rather two hours of stealing peace, and they’re done for the day, until they get horny again; don’t blink as you sleep they might need to get in your pants says the lead sarge. why cause you could pay more of your bills no their bills no, no call the fake cops to arrest people for not wanting to be raped!

oh I almost forgot yesterday’s artwork left-out as the sick librarian gave me sick looks and continued to bend over dressed in prison, non-reformed green in a library that I own solely and said she-he can’t work in; I wonder if I should shriek; but if I did would they and the fake cops steal another trillion dollars of my work and without my consent? it’s now head image undone as they figure out just how sober and sane I am:

I love the current leader of the military’s performance; with how safe society is nowadays; and how many working people, actual are homeless; you’d have guessed he’s a real brain. no wonder I got f’s that one year in college; I think he was grading; he had to make sure to shift our images; so people thought he was me and the other way around; except uh I am a and I am like unwilling to commit crime. Call it safety in the fictional sense.

Seriously, are we in Vietnam; and do you insist that we didn’t win. No not you; oui.



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