The Lay Daying, the ell and the er

all actions stem from aim: corrected murder

is the only intent you shall ever consider thought to.

and nothing else.

how do you commit murder;

it doesn’t have to be only through combat;

there are other ways to violence.


and what let others; not all others; but sum others, suffer for no good reason.

it’s absurd to even consider;

that absurdity.


racisme is not in your complexion;

it’s absurd.


part two. The Lay Daying,

source, reference: citation: “EVERYTHING IS TEETH by EVIE WYLD


DATE: 62017

When he stabbed me

to death; in the stomach;

I looked into my brother’s

i’s. I remembered the

rocks together on the veranda;

and the flittering of water;

and his smell of grass; the ell;

as I lay daying; I wished

the truth had been; it

had bin ; another brother ;

then I understood ; the

er; even worse had

happened to him ; I jumped

up and looked at the

imposter ; and stabbed

him with my blood

in the face ; and

continued the search

for my brother, before :

I knew ; new it could

take a lifetime : but

who cared.





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