the somber view

From, “The Wave”



I once was gleeing over a yearbook

and I thought who does he like;

of course I didin line him like that; think-g of drugs and all sewn that.

He was all like oh she’s nice

She was all like well I like him but I like his car better

So oui oui called him;

and his mom hung up.

No sorry among the scent of base ill;

I got that rung; I hung up.

And I was like should I ask him out for you;

and he was yeah; like yeah.

No she was like yeah; like yeah.

Th rabbit jumped around and his name was Jason.

or like J A’s son.

what’s really the difference between the two:

Jason and J A’s son.

Last night I saw your dad’s d dad flying around the computer screen or near it but closer to the wall; the kids smirked in grating discomfort;

and uhm; uhm;

while I was sprinting as a quarterback with gloves on forgetting that it was like being touched;

I’m sorry but I thought of cited: Leopold Bloom;

and flagging waves on ships

like in the days of May.

I was wondering could I also swipe the dad’s d dad

like a credit card at the Bodega

but not like the cited: Bay, continued.

theme: touch and yeah

theme music citations: usher yeah! ft. Lil’ Jon, Ludacris  and ray jones can’t be touched


and v for victory

makes green grow;

so become green.

she sat there in the foster center as an adult; an older but not elderly adult;

with her fingers crossed in girlish sense;

and her ass sticking out.

It stunk too much to ask; why.

And she said it was; us

until we found out in non transgenderism that she was a he;

and then he said it was them.

another us and them






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