My brother Olive

fiction to post 62617; My brother Olive


you’re not leaving my brother alone
with adolfo in his truest version;
if adolfo nows to be true;
when he’s one years old
I don’t care if he’s partially “divine”
I mean get with it.
cited: as witnessing parts of cited: Olive Kitteridge
he needs his cited: sharpie to draw and Mark;
and not to cover stench of Adolpho.


Later; she felt me up unexpectedly

as a he;

and of course he missed thanks to Olive;

and hit the enamel of my 2nd charity backpack;

and you might wonder what the feel up ; would have aimed for;

the thing that he coveted for himself: my breasts;

like eating chickens; and curls in the air;

and season of oregano as opposed to the seasoning of oregano;

and even later she disguised without the ploy or skill of disguise or both;

transgenderism and cross-dressing isn’t exactly a basic qualite to master;

just because they are good or skilled wit it; doesn’t mean you are; it might mean; mean you r.

climbed on that curve; of rouge he can’t climb; and so he instead forced someone to climb on that curve; and stuck is face in that dab aura;

and hollered at me, and then us; without hollering;

or the ability to holler;

though of course I hadn’t recognized him; and this wasn’t disguise.

What was it;

a flight down the stairs.

with a snubbed pucker joint of skin and an avail of wings and the gawk of fear ;

oh that’s who he is.



Alice absolute cannot stay alone with Adolpho at the age of 1;

in 15 or 11 in a neighborhood of crime and barely stifling support;

but not alone at one;

in the godforsaken bush;

ti’s better to bush it then.





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