was once is.

fiction to post on 62717;what’s ok for susan may not be ok for you


the bibe lry view of was once is.


he has a very grating person;
he susan:
it;s meant to be that way;
what may have no affect on me;
may have some affect on you;
and it’s that way for raison
I love to eat those things

scene drive-by



Susan of course also means marriage;

but my god you won’t won’t a marriage like that; not like susan

but like susie

no not like susie

but like susan; yes like susan you would want a marriage like that;

if marriage still exists; and not if susan exists

but also you’d not won’t a wood door

with an open hole and with a frame around that hole

theme: frame hole; the puck

theme music citation: alt J Breezeblocks


wlecome to teh world of woman; where there are
if you can call them;
constant competitions on height
and welcome to the world of man where there are constnat; cons-tent
competitions on real muscle;
not alter muscle
who winns.
and what aout all the other spectacles. belated or not.


look another kid on a bench;
a kid after my own heart;
I don’t know something I read in a book;
like a card.
draw a kid on a bench; maybe a heart but it’s not romantic so be careful of the heart variation;
and inside draw what?
or actually “what?”
and write or inscribe or both: after my own heart.


art already made and photographed as of 62617




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