among; ivy and lotion; the scratch

my body doesn’t crave to dance anymore
because of yoga;
and the non sick def. of dance.



they creep creep creep

hind my back;


then late at night

and early in the morning

it starts to itch

among ivy and lotion

theme: scratching

theme music citation: [again] nothing but thieves itch


we’re hitting a new genera ton now;

where children never have to grow out of who they are;

and … even when they reach adult.


In the day brake;

she breaks us;

with weapons and weird jives that don’t rhythm broken or not

at night he stinks; and there

s no gender transition power;

sickling his braids;

and hollering at every female about the ride;

and I don’t think they understand it’s not fun or that safe.


Really, don’t worry about the healing.

to kill that threat you have to jive in jabs without a hit

the part of your knee that was broken; long enough to create safe;

then take a brake; no a break;

and do it again. against the steel; oh it feels so good;

to be safe;

it feels so good;

and now a gross man can’t come and because he can’t he can’t instead threaten your safety;

but what about a gross woman.

it’s cum!



we can finally; again;

see through to what’s happening

like a skirt and not a top.




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